How to Use a Mitre Box to Cut Baseboards

using a mitre box for baseboardsHow to use a mitre box to cut baseboards. Doing your own home repairs can be frustrating at times. Especially when you have to learn how to use a new tool.

The mitre box is a low cost tool that enables you to cut the same 45 degree angles that a power saw does but requires a little manual labor.

In the video below Woodies demonstrates how to use the mitre box to cut the baseboard trim in your house.

You should probably watch the video a few times before you attempt your first cut.

The most important thing that I would say you should do is buy some super cheap baseboard trim to do a bunch of test cuts on.

If it is your first time cutting baseboard, I would not recommend that you use your main trim. Practice first! One other thing, although you can cut wide trim by laying it on the bottom of the mitre box it can get tricky. For best results with a mitre box, your baseboard trim should not be taller than the side wall of the mitre box which is 3 inches tall.

You can find a mitre box at either of the top 2 home repair stores. They are usually in the trim and coving isle. The mitre box comes with a saw (bonus) and it cost $10 to $15.

Compare that to the cost of a powered mitre saw and you are saving more than $150. If you are replacing the baseboard trim throughout the entire house, you may want to rent the powered saw and save the arm workout for the gym.

Safety gear is still suggested and have a shop vac or regular vacuum near by to suck up the saw dust after every few cuts with the mitre box and saw.

Tip Although learning how to use a mitre box to cut baseboards is not that difficult to do, there are always some hidden problems that you will incur.

The mitre box has little holes in the base of it. These holes are there to allow you to secure the box in place. If you have a wooden bench, use a couple of screws and secure the mitre box in place. Once you start to cut the baseboards the mitre box will start to move.

The movement throws off your cut line and will result in you wasting pieces of baseboard. If a friend is available, have this person hold the baseboard in place while you cut it if you do not have a bench to secure the mitre box too.

Getting use to cutting baseboard will take a few tries. This is why I suggest that you buy some cheaper baseboards to practice on or you could use the old baseboards that you removed.