How often Should You Take a Bath or Shower

How often should you take a bath or shower? Personal hygiene is very important no matter if you are a man or a woman.

People that have bad hygiene often do not understand the health hazards associated with not cleansing the body. Just as the smell of perfume goes away to the wearer within a few hours, people with body odor get used to the smell and no longer acknowledge it as well.

Dealing with someone who has bad personal hygiene in the work place can also be especially difficult. Below I want to share a few personal hygiene tips with you as well as discuss when and how often you should be showering.

So how often should you take a bath or shower? The short answer is at least once a day, every day. Some people choose to shower in the evening before bed because a hot shower or bath is settling and allows for a good nights sleep.

People that shower in the morning often do so for the exact opposite reason.

The thing that you must understand about your body is no matter the activity that you are doing, the body sweats and secretes oil. It does not matter if you are just sitting around on the couch all day.

When you don’t practice good personal hygiene habits, you allow this sweat and oil to build up on the body. Additionally the multiple trips to the bathroom to urinate or defecate do nothing to improve your hygiene either.

Your body sheds skin all day long. In fact, the dust on your window seal or tv screen is a fine mixture of dirt and dead skin from you and who ever else lives in your home. Although they have a dirty job, garbage men often have the best personal hygiene for obvious reasons.

People with bad personal hygiene are not always just lazy people. Some actually have phobias surrounding water and some people do not shower often due to religious beliefs.

Regardless to either situation, personal hygiene is still important because the surface of the skin has thousands of microscopic bugs on it. When you do not bathe or shower regularly, these bugs multiply into millions. As a result, horrible skin rashes may appear.

If you do not have good personal hygiene, the best way to improve it is to make a schedule if you have too. Set aside time during your day just as you do for everything else to shower or take a bath.

You can also help yourself to remember by simply placing a new towel, socks, underwear and a t-shirt in the bathroom everyday as a reminder that you need to improve your personal hygiene.