How often Should You Replace Carpet in Your Home

How often should you replace carpet in your home? Many homeowners have a love, hate relationship with the carpeting in their homes.

Carpet helps in keeping the home warm as well as helps to muffle sound. However, the flipside of carpet in your home is having to steam clean it regularly.

Carpet additionally requires daily vacuuming especially in homes with large families.

The air blown through your vents from the furnace and air conditioner also contains a lot of dust that settles into your carpet.

The tips and information below will help you care for your home’s carpet. Additionally, how often you should replace your carpet in your home is covered along with how to measure for new carpet if it is needed.

How Often Should You Replace Carpet In Your Home

When it comes to replacing your residential home carpeting with new carpet, this is generally recommended every 6 to 7 years.

Should you clean or replace carpet? If home carpeting is taken well care of, however, is sometimes is able to last 10 to 20 years without needing a new carpet installation.

Many home owners do not consider their home carpeting as an investment in the overall value of their home; however, it is definitely just that.

The condition of your home carpeting greatly affects the value of your home, possibly even by tens of thousands of dollars if your home has a lot of square footage.

If you do need to replace your aged home carpeting with new carpet, then it is highly recommended that you do so yourself, as this could potentially save you thousands of dollars in new carpet installation fees.

New carpet is very easy to install, and there are many self-help and DIY guides scattered across the internet that can walk you through the entire step by step process.

When it comes to protecting your existing carpet from wear and tear so that it will last a long time, there are several ways in which this can be done.

One of the most effective ways is to never walk on your carpet with shoes.

If you and your family remove your shoes upon entering your home, this will prevent dirt, grime, and other debris from being tracked across your carpet.

A recent home owners study has shown that people who require shoes to be removed before entering their carpeted spaces, tend to see roughly 5 years or more added to the overall life of their interior carpet.

That is a substantial amount of time added to the life of your carpet, especially considering that not doing so will lead to the carpet needing to be replaced every 6 to 7 years.

According to another home survey, one of the most common causes for total carpet destruction is pet ownership.

Cats especially can ruin your home carpeting very quickly, as their thick oil based urine is nearly impossible to fully remove from the carpet once it has been applied to the fabric.

If you own cats then it is very important to make sure that they do not urinate on your carpet, as this can cause you to have to replace it in as little as every 2 to 3 years.

A great way to keep your carpet looking new year in and year out is to have it professionally cleaned often, so that the dirt, grime, dust, and stains are kept from building up.

Home carpet cleaning tools and carpet cleaner rentals are generally not powerful enough to really clean your carpet as thoroughly as a professional carpet cleaning service can achieve.

Carpet Installation Estimate

If you want to replace the carpet in your home with new carpet, before you head off to the store to get a carpet installation estimate, you need to measure the area where you want carpet laid.

Use a tape measure to determine the length and width of your room. Multiply those two numbers together to get your square footage for the room. Now divide 3.66 by that total.

To get the square yards, divide that number by 9. Now you should have the total square yards of new carpet that you need.

Carpet Replacement Cost

To determine your carpet replacement cost, multiply your square yard total by the cost per yard of the carpet that you want.

This will give you, your carpet replacement cost but the total does not include padding. For carpet padding cost, use your same square yard total for the room and multiply it by the carpet padding’s cost per yard.

Be sure to shop around so that you receive the best price for your carpet. Do not be afraid to ask a ton of questions, it’s your money that you’re spending on new carpeting.