How Do You Remove Wallpaper From a Wall

How do you remove wallpaper from a wall without damaging the wall, or worse, yourself? Don’t worry, you are not the only person who has come across this difficult task.

For the people that don’t take the time to research the best ways to remove wallpaper, it will take them endless hours to remove it. However, you are one of the lucky ones! In the information below on how do you remove wallpaper from a wall; I want to share to helpful tips and ideas that you can use.

After a lot of procrastination and dread, the time has finally come for that old wallpaper to finally be taken down. You now feel like you will be spending the next few days, which is extremely demotivating.

Well, it will not take nearly as long as you think, so don’t get too demotivated yet! In fact, what if you could get it all done in only a couple of hours? With these materials, you can!


• Plastic sheet to cover the floor

• Wallpaper scrapper

• wallpaper stripper fluid

• Garbage bags


So how do you remove wallpaper from a wall? You will need to start by putting down the plastic sheet so that it can catch all the wallpaper that comes off of the wall. This will save you a ton of time during the clean-up process, and it will protect your carpet from any harmful chemicals.

Spray down the wall with the wallpaper scrapper fluid, which you can buy at a lot of common stores, such as Walmart. Once you have sprayed it down the first time, let it sit for awhile so that it can absorb through the wallpaper.

Once you have waited about a half hour, spray down the wall again. To make this as easy on you as possible, spray the wall down 2-3 times, even if it is already soaked.

Now you can begin the worst part of the job, the scrapping. However, it will not be very hard now that you have prepared the wall. In fact, you may not need to scrape at all!

The wallpaper should have begun peeling off the wall, so just grab it and peel it off in long strands. If it doesn’t come off so easily, you will have to use the scrapper. Luckily, it will take only a little longer using the scrapper.

Now just wrap up all the wallpaper in the giant plastic sheet and toss it away. There will always be some that escapes, so pick those up with the garbage bags.

Congratulations, you have finished removing all of the wallpaper and you now have a fresh surface to redecorate. Just keep in mind, if you use wallpaper again, it will eventually have to come down so it is best that you choose a pattern that you can deal with looking at for years to come.


While a lot of people choose to go with steamers, they have grown less popular over time. This is because there are several problems that arise later, such as mold forming on the wall due to the increase in moisture in the room.

Steamers would also leave everything in the room a little soggy, so in order to use them without ruining your furniture, everything would have to be removed from the room.

This should answer your question “how do you remove wallpaper from a wall”. By using these techniques, things should go quickly and smoothly. Good luck!

Tip If you do use a steamer, always keep the applicator moving. Do not hold the applicator in one spot for too long because it will damage the drywall underneath the wallpaper. If this happens, you will have to tape and mud each damaged spot.