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qualifications for dental hygienist school

How Long Do You Have to Go to School to be A Dental Hygienist

How long do you have to go to school to be a dental hygienist? Looking for a good career? Consider becoming a dental hygienist. They are more in demand than ever before. Dental Hygienists do more than just clean teeth. These highly skilled professionals examine people’s mouths, necks and heads looking for signs of dental […]

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filing a slander lawsuit on someone

Can you Take Someone to Court for Slander

Can you take someone to court for slander? First a person should know what slander is and what it means. Slander is to make a false spoken statement that causes people to have a bad opinion of someone. You may only take someone to court for slander if the slander they spoke resulted in financial […]

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taking a person to small claims court

Can you Take Someone to Court for Owing You Money

Can you take someone to court for owing you money? Whether you own a business or made out a loan, more than likely a debtor stiffed you once. Frustration and anger are understandable, but take heart, you can seek relief through the small claims court. The small claims court is usually a local court which […]

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is bullying against the law

Can you Take Someone to Court for Bullying

Can you take someone to court for bullying? Bullying is something that has been a part of the school system for generations; only now is it becoming something that society refuses to put up with any longer. One of the ways the backlash is being seen is in bullying and cyber bullying civil suits, with […]

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Do foot orthotics wear out

How often Should You Get New Orthotics

How often should you get new orthotics? For pain resulting from foot alignment problems, orthotics may be the perfect cure for relieving this discomfort. Foot orthotics are prescribed and designed by licensed podiatrists. These doctors primarily focus on issues concerning the feet such as bunions and fallen arches. What do orthotics do? These custom pieces […]

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Car insurance with no license

How to Get Car Insurance without a Driver’s License

How to get car insurance without a driver’s license? Getting car insurance can be difficult. It can seem especially daunting if you don’t have your license. It can be best to get your car insured under a relative’s policy for a short period of time, or to get your driver’s license first before you try […]

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Putting feathers in your hair

Where Can You Get Feather Hair Extensions Put In

Where can you get feather hair extensions put in? If you are looking at adding feather hair extensions to your hair, there are several different locations that are able to help you out with this. Although it often depends on where you live and what part of the country you are in, you shouldn’t have […]

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