Why is There Water in My Tail Light

Why is there water in my tail light? Many drivers blame their local carwash for this problem thinking that it was their equipment that caused this damage.

The tail light lens and its assembly seem tough but neither are made of steel. Both are made of plastic. So why is there water in my tail light?

Your tail light may be cracked. Cracks do not have to be big to do damage. Check the surface of your tail light in search of cracks or deep scratches.

If the lighting is poor, grab a flashlight and shine it on the lens so that you can see better. Open the trunk lid and check around the edges of the tail light lens and assembly.

The edges are the part of the tail light that sits flush with the trunk lid when it is closed.

The seem between the red tail light lens and the black tail light assembly may have a crack or hole in it so check this area closely.

While you have the trunk lid open, examine the black rubber grommet that is attached to the opening in the trunk. The trunk’s rubber grommet does two jobs.

It is there to one, soften the sound of the trunk lid closing and two, to prevent water from getting inside of the trunk cavity.

Many people rip or tear there trunk’s grommet and never replace it until a problem occurs.

Well if you are wondering why is there water in my tail light and the rubber grommet around your trunk is shredded, that is the top reason why you are having this problem.

Water is just like ants, it and they always find a way. When water is allowed to enter the trunk cavity the risk of electrical problems increases.

In fact, if you have not already been blowing tail light fuses left and right this issue will soon surface as well. Electricity and water do not mix.

Any mechanic will tell you that the small problems always cause the bigger issues — bills.

The water in your tail light lens may dry up or eventually evaporate but do not ignore the issue. Remove the tail light lens and drain the water out of it.

If it is cracked, call a local auto parts store or junk yard and purchase a new tail light assembly.

The ticket for your blown tail light plus the mechanic’s bill to fix your electrical system is much more than the cost of two new tail lights for your vehicle.

If money is tight, you could use some clear marine adhesive. Smear a light coating of the adhesive over the crack in your tail light lens. It dries clear.

This method won’t last forever though. You can reapply the adhesive but you should still consider replacing the tail light.

If the rubber grommet around the trunk is damaged, it must be replaced with a new one.

If you choose to purchase it from a junk yard make sure that you inspect the grommet for any signs of excessive wear or damage.

The rubber grommet should be inspected even if you purchase it at a dealership or auto parts store. If you order the part online, inspect it before you install it.

Call or check local junk yard and auto parts stores websites. Many may have what you need in stock. Your vehicle’s tail light or trunk grommet may have to be ordered though.