Why is My Car Squealing When I Start It

Why is my car squealing when I start it? That squealing sound that you are hearing may go away once the car has been running for a few minutes but the squealing is not something that you should continue to ignore.

When it is muggy outside condensation builds up on your car and its parts just as it does on blades of grass.

Your car may have multiple motor drive belts; many newer cars have a single serpentine belt.

The drive belts when the car is running, rotates the water pump, alternator and a couple other parts on the engine.

So Why is My Car Squealing When I Start It

When the motor drive belts on your car get wet, the water causes them to slip.

If the tensioner pulley fails to keep the proper tension on the belts as they rotate, they will also squeal.

However, the most common cause other than wet belts is that you need to have the drive belts or serpentine belt replaced because it is worn out.

Even the top of the line drive belts wear out and become brittle overtime. Your car needs the drive belts in order to function correctly.

It is not fine to leave the worn down drive belts on your engine. If one or both of the drive belts breaks, you will be stranded wherever you are and you also run the risk of causing additional damage to the engine and other components under the hood.

Can You Replace The Motor Drive Belts Yourself

You sure can! To replace the drive belts, you obviously need a new serpentine belt or both drive belts if your engine has two and you need a socket wrench to rotate the tensioner pulley that is applying pressure on the belt.

Visit a local auto parts store and pickup the repair manual for your car. The manual will have step by step directions.

One thing that you should do before removing the drive belts is take a picture of them. This way, regardless to what the book says, you will know how to put the belts back on correctly.

It is best to shop around to get the best price for replacement drive belts.

Don’t be swayed by low priced serpentine belts or drive belts because these belts need to last and are an important part of your car.

The drive belts should be inspected for damage or signs of wear every 30,000 miles. If you notice knicks or cuts in the belts, they need to be replaced.

Never spray any type of lubricant on the drive belts in an attempt to get them to stop squealing. It is dangerous to do so and the lubricant will make the drive belts slip.

Why is my car squealing when I start it? You need new drive belts but short answers as you’ve read are not always that helpful.