Where can You Donate Blood and Get Paid

where can you donate blood and get paidWhere can you donate blood and get paid? In these tough economic times, it is often necessary for individuals to find alternative ways to make money here and there. Donating blood plasma is a fantastic way to make a few extra dollars and to help others all at once. Finding locations where you can donate blood plasma and get paid is perhaps the hardest part of the process when it comes to blood donation for money.

So where can you donate blood and get paid? The first thing that you need to do when it comes to blood donation is to take the time to find a blood bank or other facility that accepts blood donations in exchange for money.

In most cases, blood banks are the best place to go when you want to donate blood for money. In some cases, you can go to the hospital to donate blood for money but because it is not the normal trade of the hospital, it may be more difficult to get paid. A blood bank is safe, reliable, and can keep detailed records of your donations and of other health issues that are associated with your donations.

When you find the blood bank or clinic that you intend to donate to you will be asked to fill out a questionnaire with a brief medical history to help insure that the blood you are donating is actually viable.

Some of the questions you may encounter can include any illnesses like AIDS, HIV, hepatitis, some cancers, and other illnesses that affect the quality of blood directly. It is necessary for these clinics to ask these questions to insure that the blood they are receiving can actually be used.

You may also be asked to submit to blood testing to make sure that you have no drugs or other things in your blood that can taint the donation. You will also be asked to submit to a physical to help determine if there are any medical conditions that may affect the blood donation or the donation process. Generally, if you have had any illnesses, tattoos, or piercings within a specified amount of time that the blood bank sets, you will be turned away for donation.

After you have been put through the medical tests that are required, each will be relatively the same no matter what clinic you go to, you will be put in line to wait for your turn to donate blood plasma. When it is time to donate, you will be taken care of by one of the trained staff that will take your donation.

After your donation process is complete, you will be compensated either by check or cash depending on the policies of the clinic.

The need for money often causes some people to lose focus. It is important that you realize what you are doing when you make the decision to donate blood plasma. The blood plasma that you donate is without a doubt in some way going to save a life. Therefore, it is important that you be truthful when these facilities ask you questions about your health. Some questions may be very personal such as the last time that you had unprotected intercourse. Although some questions may be uncomfortable to answer, the truth is necessary and deserving in order to continue to participate in all plasma donation programs.