When to Junk a Car

Not knowing when to junk a car is a big problem for many people. Determining when to junk a car has nothing to do with the age of the vehicle, it has to do with how it is maintained.

Some people store junk cars in hopes of rebuilding them one day. Yet many other people have an old car that when you fix one thing in a couple weeks something else goes wrong. I’ve been in both situations and forking out money all of the time gets to be nerve wrecking.

Donating cars for cash – You may not have known that you could donate your junk car and companies will give you cash for them. Most people donating a car believe that the only method is the common tax deduction slip that charities leave.

Yes, you can go that route if you want to but you can also donate your junk car and try to make some of your money back.

Donating junk cars – Before you contact companies about donating cars for cash make sure that you have the title. This will be the first question that they ask you.

If you don’t have it some junk car donation companies will accept a registration that shows your information. If you don’t have the title and you intend on donating a vehicle it is a good idea to let the company know when you speak with them initially.

Where to donate junk cars – It pays to do a little shopping around when donating cars for cash. After all, you want the best price but let me tell you now; you won’t be paid for sentimental or emotional attachment. When you donate junk cars, running or not, in most cases they are considered scrap.

You can try the phonebook but doing a quick search on the internet for places to donate your junk car to, will be quicker. When you perform your search, try to be specific. Don’t just type in, donating cars for cash. Try to include some location specific information like your city or town.

Put together a short list that includes the names and numbers of the places your thinking about donating a car too. Check out their websites to familiarize yourself with each company.

Start making calls to the junk car donation companies on your list. As you speak with each of them, take notes, especially about the price they are willing to pay. If they say that they will beat any price, notate that as well.

Once you have made all of the calls determine which of the junk car donation companies pays the most. If you can get a little bidding for a higher price going, try to get as much money as possible.

Tips: When you donate your junk car, pick up should always be free since you are donating a car for cash. Additionally you should be leery about donating a car to anyone with a spray painted sign sticking in the ground on the side of the road.