What is a Mouse for a Computer

What is a mouse for a computer? Generally, a personal computer system is comprised of four parts: the computer, the monitor, the keyboard and the mouse.

The actual computer is where the work takes place and the monitor is where the results are displayed. The computer and monitor communicate back and forth; many newer computers combine these two parts thanks to advances in technology.

In the details below I breakdown exactly what is a mouse for a computer as well as the feature that it controls on your computer.

In portable computers such as laptops and notebooks, these two components have always been joined, but until recently, they were separate in the desktop models. The keyboard and mouse are what enables humans to interact with the computer and directly provide input to what is displayed on the monitor.

Named for its vague resemblance to a mouse, what is a mouse for a computer user allows the human operator to move a cursor over the monitor’s screen and direct actions.

For better use, the mouse should sit on what is called a mouse pad, a soft smooth rubbery rectangle approximately 5X5 inches square. As the mouse slides across the mouse pad, the cursor moves across the screen in a corresponding manner.

The mouse and cursor can move vertically, horizontally and diagonally.

Originally containing two buttons, the mouse provides several options for the user. Depressing and then quickly releasing a button is called clicking.

Right clicking opens a box on the screen offering various options to the user while left clicking on commands on command boxes makes them operational.

Later a wheel was added to make scrolling through pages on the screen easier. A newer computer mouse could contain up to six buttons, for specialized use, in addition to the scrolling wheel, but the two-button variety is still available.

Connecting to the computer, although it directs the action on the monitor, the mouse’s “tail” is properly positioned away from the user. In the past, some novice users found this counter intuitive with resulting difficulty learning to use the mouse.

The computer mouse has evolved to be “tailless” and new ones need not be physically attached to any other part of the computer system. Operating originally, via means of a small ball built into its underside, all but the oldest mouse has a laser light underneath to track it movements and relay information to the monitor.

For the individual wanting to customize their mouse so that it is able to open programs with a single click instead of a double click all that you have to do is change the settings for the mouse within the control panel.

An adjustment for a left-handed person is also possible. Additionally, the cursors appearance is changeable as well as the speed that the cursor moves across the computer monitor.

The computer mouse is a very important part that enables a wide range of functionality for your computer. As with all parts on your computer though, the mouse will eventually malfunction but this is to be expected. Besides the keyboard, the mouse is one of the most used parts on computers.