What is a Hepa Filter in a Vacuum Cleaner

What is a HEPA filter in a vacuum cleaner? This is a fair question for those who do not know who to ask. When HEPA filters are used inside vacuum cleaners they help to eradicate germs from the environment.

A true HEPA filter is able to remove 99 percent of germ particles. This number is higher than even other vacuum cleaners claiming to be the best. The filter works by trapping tiny particles that other cleaners cannot.

Most vacuum cleaners are great at sucking up dirt and grime but they are awful at containing them. They usually recirculate the dirt and germs back into the atmosphere. The true HEPA filters are assigned a unique serial number found on the filter itself.

Know Your HEPA

However, HEPA filters cost more than ordinary filters because they do so much more. Filters that do not pass the HEPA test are not given a serial number and are not deemed as true HEPA.

These products are similar to but not considered original and they can be purchased for less. Imitation filters are sold by the abundance but there is a way to distinguish them from the original ones. The imprinted test results should read .3 microns.

Advantages to Buying True HEPA Filters

Allergy sufferers with upper respiratory problems often use HEPA filters in their homes as well as many other people with breathing problems. Small particles, dust, and air borne germs are responsible for serious health problems that would otherwise not become an issue.

HEPA filters clear the environment and leaves the atmosphere breathable, healthier, and safer than before. Older adults, infants and bed ridden individuals can benefit tremendously from using HEPA filters in their vacuum cleaners.

So what is a HEPA filter in a vacuum cleaner? The HEPA filter was invented in the 1940’s. It was originally invented to pick up contaminated dust particles following atomic bombing test.

They were designed to pick up the smallest micro particle with an efficiency rate of 99.97. This rating is the standard that is still used to identify HEPA filters and cleaners today.

HEPA cleaners are used globally in homes, businesses and in the cleaning industry. HEPA filters work best with their counterparts the HEPA cleaners.

There are currently two common styles of cleaners, canister and upright. For some reasons upright cleaners do not work well as they do not contain particles very well.

However, the canister style is compact but it is efficient. The machine can be rolled from room to room and its long hose can reach in very high to extremely low places.

So the next time someone asks, “What a HEPA filter in a vacuum cleaner is used for?” simply say HEPA filters, cleaners and products promote good health.

Additionally, since HEPA vacuum cleaners are becoming more popular, finding a replacement filter can often be trying. The manufacturer of your vacuum should sell the filters on their website if you are having trouble finding a new filter. Vacuum repair shops are another more reliable source for the filter as well.

Like all products, if you do not use your HEPA filter correctly, it can not do its job efficiently. Therefore, you should always replace your filter according to what the manufacturer suggests on its packaging.