Unicorn Buffalo Wings

ingredients for unicorn buffalo wingsIngredients to make Unicorn Buffalo Wings. Tired of those soggy wings and half done wings that bars and restaurants serve?

I, probably just like you, have ate dinner at restaurants all over the local area. Appetizers are a must for me and I still get excited when I see buffalo wings on the menu.

Besides the food, a great appetizer offering determines if I will visit a restaurant again. I guess this recipe article says it all.

The recipe for Unicorn Buffalo Wings took me close to a year to get right and the few minutes you spend learning the recipe will be worth the praise you will receive from people.

Unicorn Buffalo Wings are not made with real Unicorn wings but they will make you feel magical. Let’s get started!

Gather the list of ingredients below.

Lawrey Seasoned Salt
Black Pepper
Garlic Powder
Ground Cayenne
Poultry Seasoning
Franks Original Hot Sauce
Elyucateco Chili Habanero Hot Sauce
Stick of Butter
Onion Powder
Wire Wisk
1 Gallon of Vegetable Salad Oil (Gordons)
5 Pound Bag of Chicken Wings (1st & 2nd Sections)
2 Cookie Sheet Pans
12 Quart Stock Pot
Food Thermometer
6 Slices of Bread
Paper Towels
Aluminum Foil

Thaw the bag of wings. Once unfrozen, place 2 cookie sheet pans on the counter near the sink. Open the bag of wings and using cool running water, rinse each of the wings off before you start to lay them on the pans.

1) Now that the wings are all laid out on the pans, sprinkle all of them lightly with seasoned salt.

2) Sprinkle the wings with poultry seasoning, garlic powder, black pepper and ground cayenne.

3) Turn all of the wings over and season them again with the same ingredients but this time do not use the cayenne.

4) Allow the wings to sit for an hour. You can put them in the refrigerator or simply slide the 2 pans into the oven.

Don’t turn the oven on of course. The seasoning may seem heavy but a lot of it will fall off when you fry the wings.

Frying Unicorn Buffalo Wings

1) Fill a stock pot half way with vegetable salad oil. Do not fill it any higher because the oil level will rise when you put wings into it.

2) Heat the oil to 325 degrees. Use a food thermometer to check the temperature of the oil. If the oil is hotter than 325 degrees turn the flame down on the stove and wait for the temperature to lower. The hotter the oil the more it will pop you do not want popping.

3) Slowly slide 1 wing into the hot oil. Allow the frying bubbles to simmer down. Add 6 to 7 more wings to the pot in the same way.

Only cook a maximum of 8 wings at a time to keep the oil’s temperature from dropping too low.

4) Wash one of the cookie sheets. Dry it and lay paper towel down on the entire surface of the pan. Pull out a piece of foil equal to the length of the pan.

5) Lay the foil down over the paper towels and secure the foil to the pan by gripping the foil to the sides of the pan. Carefully use a sharp knife and put 15 little slits all over the foil.

6) Now lay 6 slices of bread out on the foiled pan. The bread will absorb the hot oil and what ever the bread does not catch, the paper towel beneath the foil will.

This additionally makes sure that your wings do not sit in oil puddles on the pan.

7) Cook all of the wings. Unicorn Buffalo Wings float just below the surface of the oil when they are fully cooked.

Making Unicorn Buffalo Wing Sauce

1) Pour 3 cups of Franks Original Hot Sauce into a glass bowl or a small sauce pan.

2) Cut a stick of butter directly in half and then put one of the halves into the hot sauce.

3) Measure out a half teaspoon of the habanero hot sauce, one teaspoon of garlic powder and a half teaspoon of onion powder. Pour all three into the hot sauce butter mixture.

4) Cover the glass bowl with a paper towel; put the bowl into the microwave for 5 minutes. If you are using a sauce pan, heat the mixture on medium heat until the butter completely melts.

5) Use some pot holders to remove the bowl from the microwave. Mix the sauce with a wire whisk, clockwise and counterclockwise until the sauce is thoroughly mixed.

Mix the Unicorn Buffalo Wings sauce in the same manner if you are heating it on your stove.

Serving Unicorn Buffalo Wings

+ Use a pair of tongs to dip individual wings into the sauce. You can also put all of the wings into a separate container and pour the sauce all over them.

– Don’t leave the wings sitting in the sauce because it will take away that little crunch that makes these wings so special.

What’s with the name Unicorn Buffalo Wings

If you want to be the life of the party make these wings. If you want to be invited to every party or get together, make these wings.

Once everyone is done devouring your wings people are going to secretly try to ask what your secret ingredient is, tell them it’s Unicorn. If you tell them the recipe, no more high fives.