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stop home and cell phone telemarketers

How do I get Telemarketers to Stop Calling Me Right Now

How do I get telemarketers to stop calling me and I mean right now. There are two never heard of ways to do this and neither requires you to buy or input your personal information into some form. So how do I get telemarketers to stop calling me today? First thing that we need to […]

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getting a 301 redirect to work properly

Can’t get 301 Redirect to Work

Can’t get 301 redirect to work, what now? This solution was found after spending hours and days searching online. I have tried numerous codes and plugins as well that I have not been satisfied with as you likely have. If you can’t get 301 redirect to work for your site, pages or post that you […]

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How to fix internet router problems

How often Should You Replace Your Internet Router

How often should you replace your internet router? Recently I purchased a new router because after 7 years my old router started having problems. Once I started having internet router problems instead of purchasing a new router immediately, I decided to do some digging in search of what could possibly be going wrong with my […]

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Finding used books on Amazon

Amazon Used Book Search

Doing an Amazon used book search is not that difficult because it works the same way as the regular Amazon book search. Many people buy used versions of books because of their low prices compared to buying books brand new. Used books also give you a way to introduce yourself to new authors that you […]

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The condition of Amazon used books

Amazon Used Book Condition

The Amazon used book condition details are a set of guidelines that sellers must provide to buyers of their books. These rules are in place to help prevent scams as well as to assure that when you buy a used book that it is in the condition that the seller stated. Some books may be […]

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Installing a phone screen protector

How to Get a Screen Protector on Without Bubbles

How to get a screen protector on without bubbles has been an ongoing issue of mine since I purchased my first smart phone. I thought that I tried everything from leaving the backing paper on while putting on a screen protector to trying to just push the bubbles down with a finger. I had no […]

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Building computer user skills

How to Learn to Use a Computer

How to learn to use a computer. If it is your first time owning a computer, you may be a bit behind the times. However, today with these tips, you can learn how to use a computer even if you have no idea where to start or even how to turn a computer on. Learning […]

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How a computer mouse operates

What is a Mouse for a Computer

What is a mouse for a computer? Generally, a personal computer system is comprised of four parts: the computer, the monitor, the keyboard and the mouse. The actual computer is where the work takes place and the monitor is where the results are displayed. The computer and monitor communicate back and forth; many newer computers […]

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