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where can you donate blood and get paid

Where can You Donate Blood and Get Paid

Where can you donate blood and get paid? In these tough economic times, it is often necessary for individuals to find alternative ways to make money here and there. Donating blood plasma is a fantastic way to make a few extra dollars and to help others all at once. Finding locations where you can donate […]

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where and how to donate plasma in Michigan

How to Donate Plasma in Michigan

Learning where and how to donate plasma in Michigan is an easy task to accomplish. However, just because you know where or how to donate plasma in Michigan, doesn’t mean you’re qualified to do so. Yup the rumors are true, you can donate some of your plasma and medical offices will pay you before you […]

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Replacing a worn out dental retainer

How often Should You Replace Your Retainer

How often should you replace your retainer? Many people wonder how often a retainer needs to be replaced because as they age, they begin to show wear. Although your retainer may be old, if it still fits correctly you may be just fine. There are a few instances, according to Dr. David Newman, DDS; Newman […]

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When to replace your toothbrush

How Long Can You Use a Toothbrush

How long can you use a toothbrush? The thought really never crossed my mind until a recent visit to the dentist. After receiving a free toothbrush all of these years from my dentist, I just assumed they liked me or instead of the free candy that you find at banks, I thought dentists just gave […]

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Cleaning a smelly yoga mat

How often Should You Replace Your Yoga Mat

How often should you replace your yoga mat? There is no specific time period for when you should replace your yoga mat because it depend mainly on how often you do yoga. Although yoga is not as physical as a sport like boxing, your body still secretes natural oils and sweat. Over time, you may […]

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How often Should You Change Your Razor Head

While she continues to be a part of our editorial team, Jenna has moved this article to her own website. This move allows her to focus more completely on the topic which will truly benefit you greatly. You can tap or click the link below and it will take you directly to the article on […]

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Proper hair lice treatment

How can I get Lice

How can I get lice? I thought that I misheard the question so I said what. My friend again said aloud, how can I get lice? As I sat there looking at him, he began to rant about how he takes a shower 3 times a day and styles his hair each time. For some […]

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Use of stem cells today

What is Stem Cell Research Used for Currently

What is stem cell research used for currently? It’s not really a subject that makes the news everyday but when it does questions about stem cells as well as what is stem cell research used for currently begins to be discussed by many people. This scientific breakthrough has actually allowed for numerous strides in both […]

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