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headlight bulb replacement time

How often Should You Replace Your Headlights

How often should you replace your headlights? Depending on the type of headlight bulbs that you choose, they could last 50,000 miles or more. However, there are a few things that can cause the headlights to shine dimly or even burn out repeatedly. Your headlights are not just for night time vision anymore. Modern cars […]

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steering wheel shaking while driving

What Does It Mean When The Car Shakes While Driving

What does it mean when the car shakes while driving? In one of my other articles that dealt with a closely related problem, I discussed how bad brakes or rotors can cause this problem. However if the car and steering wheel continue to shake while you are driving you may have a few other issues […]

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fuel filter replacement schedule

How often Should You Replace Your Fuel Filter

How often should you replace your fuel filter? Most cars and trucks require a new fuel filter every 30 to 50 thousand miles. However, this is just a recommendation by auto manufactures if no other problems with the filter arise before this time. The fuel filter on your vehicle is rather small considering the big […]

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engine coolant change schedule

How often Should You Change Your Coolant in Your Car

How often should you change your coolant in your car? If anyone has ever told you that you do not have to change the coolant in your car, they have unfortunately misled you. Your engines cooling system prevents the engine from basically melting from the high heat that it produces while running. The coolant does […]

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my car shakes while braking

What does it Mean When the Car Shakes When Braking

What does it mean when the car shakes when braking? If you have been driving your car and it begins to shake even at the lightest touch of the brake pedal, you should stop driving the vehicle. Every car comes with an owner’s manual that detail specific maintenance periods in which your car must be […]

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why is my engine making a ticking noise

Why is My Engine Making a Ticking Noise

Why is my engine making a ticking noise? During a phone call one day, my cousin asked why is my engine making a ticking noise. I replied to her and said the first thing I need to know is how long has your engine been making the sound. She could not remember when it started […]

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brake lights are stuck on

Why are My Tail Lights Staying On

Why are my tail lights staying on? This problem can be the result of a shorted out wire. However, it is likely happening because your brake switch has failed or is near the point of not working at all. The brake switch like all parts wears out overtime but can be damaged as well. Slamming […]

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tail light with water in it

Why is There Water in My Tail Light

Why is there water in my tail light? Many drivers blame their local carwash for this problem thinking that it was their equipment that caused this damage. The tail light lens and its assembly seem tough but neither are made of steel. Both are made of plastic. So why is there water in my tail […]

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