Patio Chair Replacement Straps

Vinyl patio chair replacement straps. The most unfortunate part of this matter is that you did not think you needed extra patio chair replacement straps when you bought the furniture.

Well don’t feel bad because I did not think I needed them either. We all have a few screws an old screwdriver and other random tools lying around but an extra vinyl chair strap definitely is not one of the items in your toolbox.

Well after I fixed one chair, two straps on a 2nd chair and recently I had to replace a strap on a 3rd chair, I now keep at least five rolls of vinyl strapping on hand at all times.

I have looked at many patio sets in stores as well as online and I still have not found a weight limit for patio chairs or the straps, within the product description.

Regardless of the lack of information and my old patio set that should really be replaced; I can honestly say that the straps did last quite a while. Patio sets can get expensive and if I can do a minor repair myself, I’m sure going too without hesitation.

Finding vinyl patio chair replacement straps, I would say was the most difficult part of the ordeal. Most stores that I went to did not even know what I was talking about, let alone have the straps in stock.

I ended up finding the straps online but I was already in the mood to fix something, so I continued to check at local stores that sold patio sets.

The last store that I checked was Lowes. After walking through the entire store convinced that I might as well buy a new patio set, I walked down one more isle.

It was the isle that had their line-up of seat cushions for your patio set. You know how you see those miscellaneous products that are attached to the poles.

I just so happened to stop near one of those product attachments and there, right before me was a section filled with rolls of patio chair replacement straps.

Replace your missing patio strap by first examining how the other straps are mounted. The strap kit comes with push pins but I used small screws to hold the straps in place. Once you cut the strap to length, use a knife or drill bit to make a hole in the ends of the strap.

Attach one side of the strap to the chair. To get the strap to extend for attachment to the other side of the chair, you will need to heat the strap up. A hot air gun or blow dryer will work for this.

When you start to heat the strap, do not hold the heat in one location on the strap because the strap will just melt. Instead, move the heat source up and down the strap so that you are heating the entire patio chair strap.

It should take you 5 to 7 minutes to heat the vinyl strap up enough to stretch it. While you are heating the strap, at the 3 minute marker during the heating process start to pull on the strap and it will begin stretching.

Once the patio chair strap is stretched long enough to attach to the other side of the chair, work quickly before the strap cools and attach it to the chair. When the strap cools completely, it will return to its original shape.

Lately when I visit the store, the straps have all been gone but you can still purchase them online at Lowes website. I also found a few companies that offer custom vinyl patio chair replacement straps and I even found them on Amazon of all places.