How to Sell a Car As Is

Learning how to sell a car as is doesn’t really require a skill but it does require honesty. Most people that want to know how to sell a car as is, either have project cars or have an old car that continually gives them trouble.

Getting rid of the car is easy, as I’ll explain to you today. There is one thing that you should understand though and that is, you more than likely will not get paid for sentimental value or emotional attachment.

When you sell a car as is, you are basically selling your car as junk and the buyer will automatically assume this.

Time after time people assume that just because you dump money into a car for parts that they deserve that value as well.

Cars are already over priced from the get go and expecting a buyer to pay more for the new tires that you put on a car with major mechanical failure is completely unfair. If you want to sell pieces of your car, you should do that at a junk yard.

If you do not have the title for the car, you need to get one from the department of motor vehicles in your city. You can not sell a car without a title because in most states, even though a car may not run, you still have to have some sort of insurance on it if it is sitting on your property. Additionally you need a title to get auto insurance.

There are some companies that will buy junk cars without a title however; they must also follow strict guidelines that the police and dmv set forward.

Make a list of all of the things that are wrong with your car. Do not dismiss anything, even the ticking sound that the engine makes while running. This list should be presented to the buyer of your car for them to look over.

Honesty is important and absolutely why companies like CarFax exist. If your car is drivable and the buyer pulls away from your home and gets into a car accident because you didn’t tell them the brakes do not work, you may wind up in court.

Decide what’s the lowest price your willing to take before buyers start calling and showing up at your home. Buyers are not stupid and most will check the blue book value before they even call you. Some may even bring a print out to prove that you are asking for too much money.

If the lowest price you will take for the car is $1000.00 ask buyers for $2000.00 initially. When the buyers asks you what’s the lowest amount you would except, tell them $1500.00 but you have another person coming to look at the car in a couple of hours.

This forces the potential buyer to make a purchasing decision right away. They most likely will want to look at the car again and then they will again ask if you are set on the price.

Tell them that the lowest you can go is $1300.00 and only because they are the first to look at the car. Then say that you don’t want to loose money because the other buyer seemed more interested and is bringing a trailer to take the car away today.

Within a minute or so the buyer standing in front of you will pull out their money or start to walk away. Before you let them leave, tell them that if they take the car right now, you’ll help them out by selling them the car as is for $1000.00 and that is the bottom line.

Your buyer will be happy to pay you and you will be happy because you got the price that you wanted for the used car in the first place.