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How to Get Your Kids to do Their Homework Well

If you need to know how to get your kids to do their homework well, one thing you should not do is offer rewards like money for good grades.

This is often a last ditch effort made by many parents in hopes of persuading kids to bring up bad grades in school. If you have tried this before, it may have worked for a short time but many parents see this tactic fail because money can not fix the issue.

In the brief article below on how to get your kids to do their homework well, I want to share with you a more meaningful approach to helping your kids succeed in school.

Why rewards fail – Giving your kids money or rewards for getting good grades does not work because it is not realistic. Doing this teaches your kids to expect this type of behavior for everything in life.

When you go to work, during the course of the days and weeks leading up to payday you may do hundreds of little things that contribute to the company were you work.

Your reward comes in the form of a pay check but you do not get a little bonus for all of the things you have done you get a check and that’s it.

This relates to kids and their homework because they too, do hundreds of dittos and worksheets all during the school year but only receive a grade for their efforts.

Kids are not stupid although many parents would like to think otherwise. They recognize opportunities to make money. This is why parents that offer rewards for good grades suddenly start to receive every little worksheet and ditto from their kids that has a good grade on it.

Most parents try to fix the situation by telling their kids that they are now not willing to reward them for every good grade and agree to only good grades on a report card.

This can be very discouraging to kids because now they won’t see the importance of getting good grades in school. Instead of using this approach as a parent that knows their kids are struggling in school, you need to get involved.

It’s not the school or the teachers fault that your kids aren’t getting good grades. It is your fault because you have failed to stress the importance of doing good in school. It does not matter if you did not do well in school, you should want your kids to do better.

The most difficult part of going to school is paying attention. It does not matter if your kids are in elementary or college. If you sit in a class room and pay attention the entire time that you are there, you’ll see that teachers are so thorough that you don’t even need a book.

There are really no geeks or nerds, there is only people that pay attention and people who don’t. I tell my kids all of the time, if you’re paying attention in class you will see that the teacher gives you the answer to everything. A test is just a tool to see if you were paying attention.

Teachers don’t just hand out work that they haven’t covered. Kids will try to say this but if they bring their homework home and do not know how to do it, it’s because they are not paying attention in class. Ask them if they were and watch how they look down immediately or begin to look around the room.

Attention is the key factor in learning how to get your kids to do their homework well, it is not promises of rewards. At the end of the school day, any homework that your kids have needs to be done immediately when they get home.

This way the school day is still fresh on their minds. Waiting and allowing them to do the homework later or on Sunday night backfires the majority of the time because they have forgotten what to do.

If you want your kids to do their homework well, instead of threatening or bribing them to get good grades, show some interest in what they’re doing. Late parenting is only met with rebellion.



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