How to Get the Word Out about Your Business Online

Learning how to get the word out about your business online is very important due to the digital-age that we live in. In fact, this is why many of the companies that independent sales consultants work for now give you a website name especially for you.

If you have one of these sites and your sales aren’t exploding, it’s because people won’t magically visit your site if they don’t know about it. This is why you need to know how to get the word out about your business online.

Lets dive right in, there are all kinds of online advertising opportunities but I’ll start with the free ones first.

Social Media – Obviously you have to choose the most popular but here’s a tip. If you don’t have a FB business page or G+ business page, you need to have one.

I am not talking about a standard profile. Both services offer free business pages that you can post updates to, even pictures of your products for clients to see.

Everyone tends to post something weird here and there but the new client you just met should not get to see those things. This can cause a misconception of you, your business and the parent company.

Classified Ads: I’m sure that you know what a classified ad is, but online classified ads are different from the ones you see in the newspaper. Online classified ads allow much more space for you to describe the product that you’re selling.

Newspaper ads require you to pay for each line of text that you want to be printed.

Most classified ad sites that you find will be free although there are some that you have to pay for. Right now, until you have built up your advertising budget you should stick with whatever you can get free.

Don’t just place ads in categories that don’t fit your product. You’ll waste your time and people will skip right past your ad in bewilderment.

If you are trying to book parties/events then you should only use classified ad services that let you narrow your ad placements down by state and city.

The objective is to build and then expand not the other way around. Just one classified ad isn’t enough. I encourage you to place a classified ad for each of your products if possible.

Why, because everyone has different taste plus you’d only be short changing yourself. This is why I suggest free online classified ads. All that you have to do is spend a little time writing the ads.

Tips: When you write your classified ads slow down and make them count. Write your ads using some kind of program that will allow you to check the spelling of your words. One other thing, read your ads out loud to yourself or someone else. If the ads wording sounds sloppy or choppy rewrite it.

This tip is important because at the moment a potential customer reads your classified ad, they judge it and your usefulness. If the ad contains errors, people may assume that their order from you will be wrong as well. Especially since, you published an ad with misspelled words in it.