How to Get a Screen Protector on Without Bubbles

How to get a screen protector on without bubbles has been an ongoing issue of mine since I purchased my first smart phone.

I thought that I tried everything from leaving the backing paper on while putting on a screen protector to trying to just push the bubbles down with a finger.

I had no luck and like you, I’m walking around with a few bubbles on my phone’s screen that contain some kind of magical particle that wasn’t there until I finished laying down my screen protector.

I recently purchased a new phone and received an iPad as a Christmas gift. Believe me, I was excited but dreaded the fact of having to yet again put screen protectors on both gadgets.

I went out to the store and purchased not one but two 5 packs of screen protectors. Today was the day that I was determined to learn how to get a screen protector on without bubbles and on my 2nd try, I did it, just as I describe below.

Strip Down – If you have on a sweater or jacket take it off and move it away from the area where you’re going to be working with your screen protector. Both items have lint and dirt that can contaminate the screen protector.

Work Area – Clean your work area, table, counter or whatever surface that you are going to be working on. This will again lessen the chances of anything sticking to the adhesive on the screen protector.

The Box – Remove the screen protector from the box that it came in and wipe it down with a lint free rag. You need to do this because when manufacturers make the cardboard container or box that the screen protector comes in, it still has small paper fibers on and inside of the box.

No, you can’t always see the fibers but they are there. Throw the box away, don’t even set it down in your work area.

Clean – Most screen protectors come with a little cloth to wipe down your phone or tablet. If your screen is dirty already, don’t use the cloth yet; use something else to clean the screen.

Your hands although they look clean they are not and what looks like finger smears on your screen is actually oil that everyone’s hand secrete. Wipe the screen with the screen protector cloth after you have clean the screen using an alternative method.

Applying – Hold the screen protector at arms length and then peel it away from its mounting surface. Now, normally when people put on a screen protector they try and square it up on the screen of a phone or tablet, don’t do this.

Instead, start at the left, top corner of the screen. Place the top, left corner of the screen protector on your phones screen first.

Now, slowly apply the screen protector diagonally down to the bottom, right corner of your screen. Use the cloth that came with the screen protector to lightly rub across the phone’s screen to assure the screen protector stays in place.

That’s it, have a look at your phone or tablet and you should not see any bubbles, congrats.