How to Donate Plasma in Michigan

where and how to donate plasma in MichiganLearning where and how to donate plasma in Michigan is an easy task to accomplish. However, just because you know where or how to donate plasma in Michigan, doesn’t mean you’re qualified to do so.

Yup the rumors are true, you can donate some of your plasma and medical offices will pay you before you walk out the door. Out of the 12 plasma donations clinics that we had lengthy conversations with before writing this article, only one required you to wait 60 days before making another plasma donation.

As with everything, you have to jump through a couple of hoops before you can donate plasma in Michigan but it’s not that bad. Most plasma donation centers require you to be at least 18 years old, for obvious reasons.

Generally, all of them require that you weigh 110 pounds or more. This as many stated, has to do with the health of your body and its ability to regenerate the plasma that you donate. Plasma centers say that it takes 48 hours for your body to replace the plasma that you donate.

Physical Health – Plasma donations are used for many things including surgical procedures and to help people with hemophilia–a disease that if you have it and you get cut, you won’t be able to stop bleeding.

Plasma helps heal wounds and allows the blood to clot to stop bleeding. You don’t have to be physically fit like an athlete but you do have to be in good health and disease free to donate plasma.

Plasma donation centers will perform a minor physical on you to determine your qualification. They then require you to answer a series of health related questions. Don’t try to be dishonest. The plasma center also does a finger prick test to analyze a sample of your blood.

Once all tests are satisfied, one of the staff will walk you to your plasma donation cubicle. Once you are hooked up to the small plasma donation machine, the nurse will ask you if you would like reading material or provide a remote to the television if your cubicle has one.

The process will take close to an hour to complete. When you are finished, you will be offered some refreshments on your way up to the main counter where you initially checked in.

The plasma donation center will give you between $50 and $100 cash and you’ll be asked if I wanted to make another appointment. Your second visit to the plasma donation center will be quicker than the first time because you won’t have to go through all of the paper work again.