How often Should You Wax Your New Car

How often should you wax your new car? The excitement of purchasing a new car brings a sense of accomplishment and joy to the buyer. That new car smell is unmistakable.

Whether your car has been purchased for your loyalty to a specific maker, or your particular make and model is a great price, or the luxury and status is distinctive, your new vehicle is a valued asset.

Your vehicle must be maintained to keep it in the best shape possible. The exterior up keep of your vehicle keeps the paint and clear coat in pristine condition.

So how often should you wax your new car anyway? A very important step of waxing your car is washing your car. Wash your car with a soap that is specifically created for cars. Not doing so can damage the finish on your vehicle.

Use the specified amount stated on the label. Washing the car prior to waxing removes any dirt, grime, grit, and other particles that may cause damage when wax is applied without washing first.

Now, the frequency of which you wax your car will depend on a few things. For example, if you want to maintain a showroom like finish on your car, waxing it will be necessary at least once a month. While this can be costly it will be most beneficial to you upon trade in.

Another option, however for those looking to keep the exterior of the car looking good but have a limited budget with which to work, waxing your car every 45 days should give you satisfactory results.

It will keep the finish in good condition and will still retain a much better value than not waxing or waxing improperly.

If you live in an environment with fairly extreme weather conditions and your car is not stored in a garage or covered you can perform a simple bead test to determine if your car is ready for another wax job.

In order to perform the bead test simply spray your vehicle with the water hose if the water beads up your wax job is still holding if not it is time for a new wax job.

Determining how often should you wax your new car should be a question to which every new car owner should seek the answer. A car is a major purchase and proper maintenance is essential for best results.

When you get ready to apply wax to your car, you should also double check the applicator that you want to use to put the wax on. If you notice, any hard spots or rough areas on the applicator do not use it because you will likely scratch your new car.

Start with a small workable area on the car; do not apply wax to the entire car unless you have more than one extra person to help remove the wax. Some car waxes, if allowed to dry for to long of a time become very difficult to remove.

This can damage the paint job on your car and even though it is new, the value can drop as much as $10,000.00 or more especially if your car has a custom paint job.