How often Should You Replace Your Internet Router

How often should you replace your internet router? Recently I purchased a new router because after 7 years my old router started having problems.

Once I started having internet router problems instead of purchasing a new router immediately, I decided to do some digging in search of what could possibly be going wrong with my old router.

Some of the troubleshooting I did was first, unplugging and plugging it in and restarting it. I noticed it was running really slow so I continued to try other methods to solve the problem.

Below are some tips to help you determine how often you should replace your internet router as well as some needed instructions on solving internet router problems.

Upon further research I discovered there could be several reasons for my internet router problems such as dust, overheating and power surges which happen all of the time. We just do not notice them because without a multimeter you can not see a power surge.

My internet router was very dusty although it did not appear that it was. I took a hair dryer, set it on the cool setting and blew it off.

Router manufacturers and associates at local appliance stores all agree and suggest you to store it in a well ventilated place to also help with the lifespan of the router.

Both standard and wireless routers need to always be plugged into a quality surge protector.

How Often Should You Replace Your Internet Router

A new router will typically have an age expectancy of 5-10 years. Internal factors could also be a reason for internet router problems such as internal memory capacity – for example a unit that has low LAN or WAN may be sluggish when you’re trying to stream HD or 3D.

Restoring the unit to factory settings may or may not help your internet router problems. Something else to think about is keeping the virus software up to date and functioning well on your network.

Also, updating the firmware of your internet router may help. I’ve read that people have sometimes updated their firmware ten times for the same unit and it keeps running fine.

Finding a good replacement amongst the handful of companies claiming to have the best wireless router for home use is easier now thanks to the abundance of user reviews online.

Routers can run anywhere from $20 to $300 and above. It’s important to know what things are important to you in a router before purchasing.

Do you need it to provide firewall, and security in addition to networking? What type of network are you running and what are your network needs. Identifying those factors will help narrow your router search.

There are quite a few message boards about routers that can help with your research. If you’re reading posts of people who say they’re replacing a particular unit every 3 years then consider purchasing another brand.

Don’t believe everything you read about more expensive being better. There are several brands of routers out there that are economical in price that have great ratings.

Another thing to research as I mentioned earlier is consumer reviews on routers. These can also be helpful in helping you choose a new router.

Finally, another reason for internet router problems could be someone hacking into your network.

Router manufacturers as well as most of the cable companies throughout the United States suggest that using WPA security is the best and that WEP security can be hacked.

WPA Security is more secure and WPA2 is the best. Also, using a MAC address conflicts with the WPA security.

If your router is having problems currently then I suggest taking care of the environmental issues first and updating the firmware.

If you still have problems after that then a call to the manufacture would certainly not hurt. If you’re router is completely not working then it’s time to replace it. Do your research and I’m sure that you’ll find a great replacement internet router in no time.