How often Should You Replace Your Headlights

headlight bulb replacement timeHow often should you replace your headlights? Depending on the type of headlight bulbs that you choose, they could last 50,000 miles or more.

However, there are a few things that can cause the headlights to shine dimly or even burn out repeatedly.

Your headlights are not just for night time vision anymore. Modern cars and trucks now have daytime running headlights as well.

Headlights enable you to see the road ahead however; they are really safety devices meant to alert other drivers of your presence on the road.

Below in this article on how often should you replace your headlights, are some tips that you can use.

Cracked headlight lens – If either of the headlight lenses on your vehicle has a crack or deep chip on them you may have to change your headlight bulbs all of the time.

If you look closely within the headlight lens and you see small bugs or a white, dust inside the lens, it has a crack in it somewhere.

When dirt is allowed inside of the headlight lens, it swirls around the lens and headlight bulb. When the headlight bulbs are illuminated the dust and dirt sticks to the bulb.

Over time, the coating of dirt gets thicker and reduces the distance that you can see ahead of the vehicle at night time.

Water damage – A cracked headlight lens can also allow water to enter and pool around the headlight bulb.

A good indication of a water leak within your headlight lens is steam or water droplets on the inside of the lens. Water unlike dirt can cause other problems like electrical shorts.

Diy repair – The number one mistake that the majority of people make when doing their own headlight bulb repair is touching the glass of the headlight bulb with bare hands. Never do this, even if you think your hands are clean.

Your hands deposit oil on the headlight bulbs that sticks like glue. This causes hot spots on the bulb.

When you turn on the headlights, the oil deposits suffocate the bulb which makes it burn even brighter and leads to the headlight bulb burning out.

If you touch the headlight bulbs with bare hands, they can burn out within an hour of using them after your repair. Always wear clean gloves when you are handling your headlight bulbs.

If you discover that your headlight lens is cracked, replace it right away. Some auto parts stores sell a headlight lens sealant that you can use to fix cracks as well.