How often Should You Replace Your Fuel Filter

fuel filter replacement scheduleHow often should you replace your fuel filter? Most cars and trucks require a new fuel filter every 30 to 50 thousand miles.

However, this is just a recommendation by auto manufactures if no other problems with the filter arise before this time.

The fuel filter on your vehicle is rather small considering the big job that it does to keep the engine running year round. It is about the same size of a can of soda.

When the fuel filter goes bad it can cause many problems. Below I’ll share with you some tips and symptoms that you can look out for on your own.

How often should you replace your fuel filter? If you have never had the fuel filter replaced and your vehicle has more than 50,000 miles, it’s a good idea to either change it yourself or have it replaced during your next tune-up.

The fuel filter is responsible for filtering all of the fuel that leaves your gas tank before it reaches the engine. Just as a coffee filter stops granules from getting into your pot of coffee. The fuel filter stops water, rust and other sediments from reaching the fuel injectors, which provide fuel for the engine to run.

Your vehicles fuel filter begins to clog with dirt and sediments over time. This doesn’t have to take years to happen. It can happen in one day if the gas that you filled up with is already contaminated.

When the fuel filter clogs, it begins to starve the engine of needed gasoline. This can cause your vehicle to constantly stall. You may have to attempt to start the engine repeatedly as well. A bad fuel filter can even make your vehicle backfire every time that you depress the gas pedal.

Some of today’s newer vehicles have fuel filters that are inside of the gas tank itself. Auto parts store sale a fuel additive that you can pour into the tank to clean the filter.

Most all other vehicle’s fuel filters are either mounted underneath the vehicle in front of the gas tank or on the frame of the vehicle near one of the rear tires. Many foreign vehicle manufacturers mount their fuel filters under the hood on the fire wall, on the driver’s side.

You can replace the fuel filter yourself with a few tools. If you don’t have a repair manual for your vehicle, you’ll need to purchase one because you need to first, relieve the fuel pressure before you take the fuel filter off.

If you do the job yourself, it should take no more than 45 minutes to do even if you have never worked on a vehicle before.

TIP: Both old and new cars or trucks often have dirt around the little fuel door. There may be dirt or rust particles around the lip of the fuel filler hole too when you open the little door. With the cap still on, use a shop vacuum to suck all of the particles up. This will prevent the dirt and rust from entering the gas tank.

Additionally, super low prices at gas stations are often a red flag for poor quality gas that can definitely cause problems with your vehicles fuel filter.