How often Should You Get New Orthotics

How often should you get new orthotics? For pain resulting from foot alignment problems, orthotics may be the perfect cure for relieving this discomfort.

Foot orthotics are prescribed and designed by licensed podiatrists. These doctors primarily focus on issues concerning the feet such as bunions and fallen arches.

What do orthotics do? These custom pieces are worn inside of the shoes, most often athletic shoes, to help correct the problems associated with the feet.

There are many questions asked regarding custom orthotics, the most common being how often should you get new orthotics, and how to tell when they need to be replaced.

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Most often, the custom orthotics will last for around two to three years. This is based on a height and weight ratio.

The custom made insert is normally worn in athletic shoes, so the amount of physical activity also plays a part in determining how long the orthotic will last.

Like any other prescribed medical device, the prescription should be checked on a yearly basis.

Over time, the custom orthotics can loose their rigidity, or the prescription may have changed so it is important to have annual checkups.

Proper Care of Custom Made Foot Orthotics:

To help protect custom orthotics, it is important to not expose them to extreme weather conditions for an extended period of time.

Heat can cause the orthotic to lose it’s shape, while extreme cold can cause cracking and breaking.

Keeping the custom inserts carefully put away when not in use can help prevent pets from chewing on the breakable rubber and plastic parts, while using warm water to clean with helps prevent the bonded glue from breaking down.

Proper care can help to extend the use and comfort of the orthotic.

Getting Used To Performance Orthotics:

Knowing how to care for the orthotics can help extend the life expectancy of the insert along with yearly checkups, but it is important to get used to wearing the custom orthotics. A few tips include,

1.) For the first couple of days, begin by wearing the insert for only an hour each day. While some pain may be associated with wearing the insert, it should not be extremely uncomfortable.

Letting the foot slowly adjust to the new position can help dramatically reduce the overall amount of discomfort that could be experienced.

2.) Over the next several weeks, gradually extend the amount of time the orthotics are worn. Usually within six weeks, wearers are able to comfortably use the inserts for long trips and in athletic events.

Correcting pain associated with foot alignment can take years to fix, but with custom orthotics, the pain can be corrected.

Knowing how to properly adjust to and care for the inserts can greatly extend the life span of the orthotics, and make the experience less painful.

If your custom orthotics are causing you unbearable pain, contact your podiatrist. He or she may have to rebuild the area on the orthotic that is causing the discomfort.

This type of minor repair should be able to be done while you wait at no additional charge to you but that last bit is the doctors choice.