How often Should You Change a Diaper for a Baby or Newborn

How often should you change a diaper for a baby or newborn? Even if money is tight, one thing you should not do is try to get multiple uses out of diapers.

The average person may only use the bathroom two or three times a day however a baby or newborn often go 6 to 8 times a day. This can be costly and new parents find this out within a couple of weeks of their child being born.

In the following article about how often you should change a diaper, I want to share a few common sense things that you should know about as well as share some tips that can help you save money on diapers the right way.

How often should you change a diaper for a baby or newborn anyway? Every time that the diaper becomes soiled by urine or from defecation.

It is not ok to leave a dirty diaper on a baby or newborn for any amount of time. Of course, you can not change a diaper while you are driving but as soon as you can, the diaper needs to be changed.

Soiled diapers can cause a range of problems including rash that will end up costing you more money from having to make repeated visits to the doctor’s office.

How often do you use the bathroom on yourself and just sit there like there is not a problem? If your baby or newborn was able to I’m sure that they would change their own diapers. However, they can not and depend on you to do this for them.

Trust me when I say that your baby does not care nor does he or she know that they’re sleeping in a $500 baby bed. Your baby does know that its diaper is dirty though.

If your baby is yet to be born, you should alter your gift registry and ask for more diapers. Food and clothing for your baby are inexpensive compared to buying diapers.

If your baby has already been born and you are looking for ways to save money on diapers, your best bet is to check diaper manufactures websites for coupons.

Your local store may only provide coupons ever so often. Diaper manufactures always have coupons on their websites that you can print and use toward new diapers. When your local grocery store has double or triple coupon days, you can save even more money on new diaper purchases.

Although today’s diapers are made better than they were in the past, they are all still considered disposable and none of their directions state that a diaper can be used multiple times.

When your baby dirties a diaper, no matter if the diaper is supposed to be leak proof, change the diaper right away and properly clean the baby or newborn with baby wipes.