How do I get Telemarketers to Stop Calling Me Right Now

How do I get telemarketers to stop calling me and I mean right now. There are two never heard of ways to do this and neither requires you to buy or input your personal information into some form.

So how do I get telemarketers to stop calling me today? First thing that we need to do is cover our behinds and say that this method should only be used for telemarketers and phone solicitors.

The people and businesses that are calling your home phone or cell phone without your permission.

Businesses such as the cable, phone, electric, gas, mortgage and credit card companies have a right to call you.

You are doing business with them, you owe them money and you also gave them permission to call you about your debt via the fine print.

However, you still have a right to not be harassed even though reasonable contact is allowed.

The Call Loop

The call loop is a way to make your phone ring endlessly to the person that is trying to reach you. You will hear the phone ring 1 time, enough to show the number calling but the person calling will keep hearing the phone ring and ring and ring.

Voicemail won’t even pickup either. The phone will ring until whoever it is gets tired of waiting and hangs up.

Create A Call Loop Yourself

You need 2 phones that are both able to forward calls. One could be the landline or you can use 2 cell phones.

Landline & Cell Phone – Activate your call forwarding for your landline. Forward all of the calls from your landline to your cell phones number.

Now activate your cell phone’s call forwarding. Enter your landline phone number and accept the settings.

That’s it, use a different phone line to try to call either of the two phones and see what happens. You can turn the forwarding on and off whenever you feel like it.

Cell to Cell – If you have two cell phones forward the calls from the first phone to the other. Now forward the calls from the second phone to the first phone.

Dee Dee Dee The Number You Have Reached

If you want a good laugh as well as a feeling of vindication, this second method will provide you with both.

You know the recording that you get when you call a phone number that says the number has been disconnected.

Well after the person says the number is disconnected a couple times the voice switches to the sound of a busy phone line. The busy sound will keep playing for 8 minutes or so before the line hangs up automatically.

1: Dial a few random phone numbers until you find a disconnected number that has the recording.

You need 2 phones to make this work.

2: From your home phone call and log into your voicemail. Go to the option that allows you to record your personal greeting.

3: Before hitting the button to record the greeting, call the disconnected phone number from your cell phone. Turn the speaker on your cell phone on.

4: Hold the cell phone near the home phone receiver.

5: Just before you hear the disconnect message, press the begin recording your personal greeting button on the voicemail.

It may take a few tries to get the timing just right.

6: Allow the message to record for 3 to 5 minutes and then hit the accept new greeting button for your voicemail.

That is it, when someone calls they will get this annoying super long message and stop calling you. In your voicemail settings, change the number of rings before the voicemail answers to 1 or 2 rings.

You can use two cell phones to do the same thing.

Cell and landline phone companies will often change your number for you once for free but that is not always an option. Hopefully the two methods above will help you, they definitely work. If a friend asks you, how do I get telemarketers to stop calling me please share this content with them.

Quick Tip: Dating has its ups and downs we all know. If you have given out your phone number regrettably after a night out, temporarily forward your calls to your brother, sister, a disconnected number, a payphone ( if you can find one ) or you could even forward the call back to the person.

Stop telemarketers, stop phone solicitors and stop unwanted phone calls from people today.