How can I get Lice

How can I get lice? I thought that I misheard the question so I said what. My friend again said aloud, how can I get lice?

As I sat there looking at him, he began to rant about how he takes a shower 3 times a day and styles his hair each time. For some weird reason, all of a sudden my head started to itch. I knew for certain that I did not have lice but I guess it was just the thought of him having it that made me nervous.

I was able to calm him down by explaining that lice are easy to get rid of but I also told him that the real issue is determining where the lice came from in the first place.

Most people that get lice or should I say everyone that gets lice asks the same question. How can I get lice? Clearly, lice are not picky like most of us, so they do not care about you being clean or dirty.

Lice just want to lay their eggs to create more lice. There is head lice, body lice and pubic lice, which most people refer to as crabs. All three versions of lice feed on human blood. I know disgusting and creepy.

Lice are like a real life game of cooties. You can catch lice by touching someone who has it already. It can also be spread by coming into contact with infected sheets, blankets, pillows, coats, home or school carpet and clothes among many other things. So far, there is no proof that you can get lice from animals.

Most men get lice from wearing jackets or hats of other men that already have lice. Women commonly get lice from using other women’s hair brushes and hair clips. Lice often live in the eyelashes and eyebrows as well.

The most common symptom of lice is itching. You may also notice small red bumps on your shoulders and around your hairline, especially on the back of your neck. The bumps are often confused with zits because they puss up and get crusty. Dandruff that won’t wash away is likely to be lice egg sacks.

To get rid of lice, you need lice shampoo. I won’t recommend a specific brand because there are many to choose from. I suggest that you read a few reviews and see what other people say works the best.

I did as always, do my homework. I spoke with a few medical doctors about successful ways to get rid of lice. They all agreed that the lice shampoo that you can find at a pharmacy or online usually does the job. There is one thing though that came up in all three conversations and that is a fine tooth metal comb.

Most of the lice treatment kits that you find on store shelves come with a little plastic comb. Well apparently, the plastic comb does not effectively remove the lice eggs from the hair follicle as well as a metal comb and most people have to treat their lice problem more than a few times.

Some of the lice kits on the market today come with metal combs. Rather than drive around town, you would be better off searching online first for lice treatment kits that have a metal fine toothed comb.

Additionally, unless you treat your bedding and other materials that you have contacted while you had lice, it will likely appear again. If you suspect that you may have gotten lice from someone, it would be wise to let that person know as well as avoid that person until they have gotten the issue under control.