Getting People to Your Online Store

Getting people to your online store isn’t as hard as you imagined. We have already discussed a handful of other ways for getting people to your online store now I’m going to briefly talk about pay per click advertising.

Many small business owners shy away from this type of advertising because they don’t understand how it works. Truthfully, the hardest part about pay per click advertising is sitting still long enough to read how it works.

If you need to start getting people to your online store now below I describe a bit about how pay per click ads work.

Get the word out now – If you need to get the word out right now, short of standing on the side of the highway with a big sign, the best thing to do is use pay per click advertising.

Your pay per click budget can be what ever you can afford. It doesn’t matter if you have $100 or $10 extra a month, pay per click advertising can definitely get the word out quickly for you.

In a nutshell, pay per click advertising is offered by Google, Yahoo, Aol, Bing and Facebook. When you signup to either of the services you must fill in your billing information, choose your advertising budget, pick where you want your ads to show–city state and country.

You can basically set it up to only show your ads to people in your neighborhood that use any of the pay per click services that I mentioned.

You can also choose what time of the day you want your ads to show as well. The services work by choosing keywords that trigger your ad to display. Each keyword cost a certain amount.

Lets say – candles – cost $0.05 for you to bid on. Every time that someone clicks on your ad, you have to pay $0.05 to the ad service. When the ad is clicked, they send the person to your website.

One important thing to remember with pay per click service is to always set a daily spending limit besides the monthly budget. This way you won’t spend all of your money quickly.

When you choose the keywords that you want to bid on with pay per click services choose them wisely. If you find a keyword that cost $3 a click and your product only cost $1, I would not choose that keyword.

True, people usually do buy more than one thing but until you can afford to take that chance, keep your risk low.

Tip You can also choose keyword phrases to bid on as well. A keyword phrase is multiple words such as blue baby shoes. You can bid on phrases and single keywords at the same time if you choose to do so as well.

To best determine which keywords and phrases bring you the most business, it would be wise to test a list of keywords for a month. At the end of the test trial, you should have a good list of targeted keywords and phrase that work great for your business.