Do It Yourself Vehicle Repair

Do it yourself vehicle repair may seem challenging at first thought but it is something that you can do. Performing any do it yourself vehicle repair can undoubtedly save you a lot of money but each task also teaches you a new skill.

Most of the parts on your vehicle will last the lifespan of the vehicle. However, things like headlights, brake pads and oil changes, all require constant maintenance.

With the proper direction you can tackle and successfully complete any do it yourself vehicle repair right at home. Attention to detail is the number one factor in all repairs.

Auto Repair Manual – This is not the owner’s manual that you would find in the glovebox. Every vehicle has a repair manual that you can typically find at auto parts stores.

There are numerous companies that sell these types of auto repair manuals but most people buy repair manuals made by Haynes or Chilton.

If you can afford it, I would purchase a manual from both Haynes and Chilton. In my experience, both offer a unique view of particular repairs.

Unless your vehicle is a one of a kind, auto repair manuals cover a range of years in which your vehicle was made. They do this because although a new model of a particular vehicle comes out year after year, the only thing major manufacturers may have change is the body style.

For Example: Let’s say you have a 2002 Ford Focus that you need a auto repair manual for. Since the car barely changed between the year 2000 to 2007 auto repair manual manufacturers design their manual to include all 7 cars.

If there are particular things that you need to know about a 2002 model, they state these things in the manual as well.

If you purchased both Haynes and Chilton repair manuals for your Focus they would be the 2 listed below.

Ford Focus: 2000 thru 2005 Chilton’s Total Car Care Repair Manual

Ford Focus 2000 thru 2007 Haynes Repair Manual

While the standard owner’s manual that comes with your vehicle is great to have, it does not get into the details that a repair manual does. The most nerve racking part about doing your own vehicle repair is not knowing where to start.

Most people also fear that attempting their own repairs will only make matters worse. Sure things could get worse if you just started removing nuts, bolts and screws with no direction. Auto repair manuals don’t just provide you with directions; they also include pictures of the repair process as well.

If you don’t have a repair manual for your vehicle as I said, you can find them at auto parts stores locally. Manufacturers like Haynes and Chilton both sell paper back manuals and repair manuals on CD.

Additionally you can buy new and used auto repair manuals on sites like Barns & Noble and Amazon.

Tips: When you remove, any part from your vehicle always be sure that you do not loose any of its bolts or screws. Repairing a car is not like putting together an entertainment center for your home.

It is not ok to forget a screw or bolt; all parts are essential and must be returned to the part that you removed them from. Since every cell phone has a camera, it would be very wise to snap a few photos of any repair that you are going to attempt. A photo helps you remember where bolts go and how to correctly hook wires back to their connection points.