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Child support payment breakdown

Child Support Formula

The child support formula will differs from person to person. Many people attempt to guess what the child support formula is only to find out that they were wrong. There is a formula that the courts use in each state but depending on the situation the judge may stick to the child support formula or […]

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Help kids remember what was read

How to Improve Reading Comprehension for Kids

Today I want to discuss how to improve reading comprehension for kids because I recently spent some time working on this with my son. It’s not that kids don’t remember the things that they read either. They remember what time their favorite show comes on; they read and comprehend text messages, so what gives right. […]

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Difference between a will and trust

What is a Will and Trust

What is a will and trust? Estate planning is essential because your life can unexpectedly change in an instant. Proper planning can relieve your own stress as well as financial burdens that may fall on those dear to you. There are advertisements all around for services offering to prepare your will or trust and do-it-yourself […]

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Computer program knowledge

What Are Computer Skills On A Resume

What are computer skills on a resume? These days, having a prominent and effective resume is key to finding employment with a successful company. Companies are looking for well rounded individuals who express not only an established track record of lengthy employment or schooling, but also a specific skill set that will be useful. Computer […]

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Car insurance with no license

How to Get Car Insurance without a Driver’s License

How to get car insurance without a driver’s license? Getting car insurance can be difficult. It can seem especially daunting if you don’t have your license. It can be best to get your car insured under a relative’s policy for a short period of time, or to get your driver’s license first before you try […]

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Putting feathers in your hair

Where Can You Get Feather Hair Extensions Put In

Where can you get feather hair extensions put in? If you are looking at adding feather hair extensions to your hair, there are several different locations that are able to help you out with this. Although it often depends on where you live and what part of the country you are in, you shouldn’t have […]

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Applying for food stamps

How can You Qualify for Food Stamps

How can you qualify for food stamps? The food stamp program is a federally funded program that is often referred to as SNAP, Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program. Eligibility guidelines for the program vary slightly from state to state but generally, if you are not earning more than 130% of the nation’s poverty level you may […]

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