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Paying property tax on time

Where Can I Pay My Property Taxes

Where can I pay my property taxes? If you own property, than you should be prepared to have to pay some sort of property tax. There are four different types of properties that can be taxed: land or improvements to land such as buildings that are built on the land, personal property such as a […]

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How hepa filters work

What is a Hepa Filter in a Vacuum Cleaner

What is a HEPA filter in a vacuum cleaner? This is a fair question for those who do not know who to ask. When HEPA filters are used inside vacuum cleaners they help to eradicate germs from the environment. A true HEPA filter is able to remove 99 percent of germ particles. This number is […]

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An easier way to remove wallpaper

How Do You Remove Wallpaper From a Wall

How do you remove wallpaper from a wall without damaging the wall, or worse, yourself? Don’t worry, you are not the only person who has come across this difficult task. For the people that don’t take the time to research the best ways to remove wallpaper, it will take them endless hours to remove it. […]

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Pool filter replacement schedule

How often Should You Replace Your Pool Filter

How often should you replace your pool filter? The need to replace your pool filter depends on many things but sitting at the top of the list is pool traffic. Each person that gets into your pool leaves body oil, sunscreen, dirt as well as hair behind. All of this material eventually makes its way […]

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Fixing a pool liner hole

How to Find a Hole in a Above Ground Pool Liner

How to find a hole in a above ground pool liner? After all of the time and effort you just spent setting up your above the ground pool, along with having to wait for what seems like an eternity for the pool to fill with water, the worst thing to find out is that there […]

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Installing patio chair straps

Patio Chair Replacement Straps

Vinyl patio chair replacement straps. The most unfortunate part of this matter is that you did not think you needed extra patio chair replacement straps when you bought the furniture. Well don’t feel bad because I did not think I needed them either. We all have a few screws an old screwdriver and other random […]

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