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Locating your stem cells

Where can You Find Stem Cells in Humans

Where can you find stem cells in humans? Many of the advances being made in medical research are beneficial, miraculous, and controversial. How can something be all three at the same time? When a medical discovery may very well treat and/or cure diseases and varied health conditions but raise ethical questions is when the advancements […]

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Eye macular degeneration symptoms

What causes Macular Degeneration of the Eye

What causes macular degeneration of the eye? Age as well as a family history of the disease is the top causes that doctors have identified. Macular degeneration affects the retina within your eye. It attacks and deteriorates receptors and nerves that communicate with the optic nerve at the back of your eye. The macula is […]

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Uses for cord blood

What is Cord Blood Banking Used For

What is cord blood banking used for? Expectant parents will undoubtedly hear the phrase “cord blood banking” and may wonder what is cord blood banking used for? Banking a child’s umbilical cord blood is one way parents can make preparations for potential health issues that could arise later in life. Knowing and understanding the process […]

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Battling personal drug problems

What is Drug Abuse and Drug Addiction

What is drug abuse and drug addiction? Many people with drug abuse and addiction problems all too often deny that a problem exists. In their efforts to show that they are still in control, many often make bold statements like, I can quit whenever I feel like it or I do not use as much […]

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Selecting a fitness trainer

How do I Get a Personal Trainer

How do I get a personal trainer? We can all agree that the hardest part about working out is staying motivated. It does not matter what time of the day you choose to go or who goes to the gym with you, motivation plays a big role in a successful fitness regimen. Most people that […]

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Loose non fitting dentures

How often Should You Get New Dentures

How often should you get new dentures? Although today’s dentures are made to be very durable, people often have to get new dentures within a few short years. In some cases, defects may be to blame. However, in most cases the need for new dentures has to do with a physical change of your body. […]

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Causes of toe pain

Pain in Toe When Walking

Pain in toe when walking, causes and treatments. Hammertoe is often attributed to many people’s complaints of experiencing pain in the toe when walking. Hammertoe can affect more than one of your toes but the condition commonly affects the second toe. This condition causes one or more of your toes to curl under, similar to […]

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Big toe joint pain causes

Pain in Large Toe Joint

Pain in large toe joint, causes and symptoms. Pain within the joint of the large toe is a condition known as hallux rigidus. It can occur from a new or old injury to the large toe that was allowed to heal in an inappropriate manner. Podiatrists also refer to this condition as stiff big toe. […]

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