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Why car engines fail

What Will Happen if You Don’t Change Your Oil

What will happen if you don’t change your oil? Well besides the ticking noise that we have been discussing in the first part of this article, your engine can seize up. Right in line with the ticking noise, what will happen if you don’t change your oil, is the second most asked question by vehicle […]

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Spark plug change at home

When to Change the Spark Plugs in a Car

When should you change the spark plugs in a car? Knowing when you should and need to change the spark plugs in a car is just as important as changing its oil in a timely matter. Your car is a machine that depends on all of its components functioning properly. Auto and spark plug manufactures […]

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Replacing a bad taillight bulb

How to Fix the Tail Lights in a Car

Learning how to fix the tail lights in a car doesn’t require too much skill and it is most often a task that you can do yourself. Just like all bulbs the tail lights in a car burn out over time and will need to be replaced. A few other things could cause the tail […]

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Investing in a junk car

When to Junk a Car

Not knowing when to junk a car is a big problem for many people. Determining when to junk a car has nothing to do with the age of the vehicle, it has to do with how it is maintained. Some people store junk cars in hopes of rebuilding them one day. Yet many other people […]

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Fixing your own car

Do It Yourself Vehicle Repair

Do it yourself vehicle repair may seem challenging at first thought but it is something that you can do. Performing any do it yourself vehicle repair can undoubtedly save you a lot of money but each task also teaches you a new skill. Most of the parts on your vehicle will last the lifespan of […]

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Best price for your used car

How to Sell a Car As Is

Learning how to sell a car as is doesn’t really require a skill but it does require honesty. Most people that want to know how to sell a car as is, either have project cars or have an old car that continually gives them trouble. Getting rid of the car is easy, as I’ll explain […]

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Replacing your car's thermostat

2004 Passat Thermostat Location

The 2004 Passat thermostat location depends on what engine you have in the car. Problems with the thermostat occur from skipped maintenance appointments. The coolant in your 2004 Passat’s radiator does not burn away at the same pace as gas or oil. The coolant breaks down over time and the sediment can damage the thermostat. […]

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Putting in a blower motor

Blower Motor for a 1992 Honda Accord

The blower motor for a 1992 Honda Accord like all cars has a big job to do for being such a small component in your car. Although the blower motor will typically last the lifespan of your Accord, it can be damaged as well. Continued operation of the blower motor on its highest setting causes […]

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