Can you Take Someone to Court for Slander

Can you take someone to court for slander? First a person should know what slander is and what it means.

Slander is to make a false spoken statement that causes people to have a bad opinion of someone.

You may only take someone to court for slander if the slander they spoke resulted in financial or personal loss.

Now that you know the definition of slander and you still think you have a case. How can you take someone to court for slander?

Your next step to start your slander lawsuit should be to study up on slander laws and check your state’s laws, slander laws may differ from state to state.

Next gather proof of the false statements made by the third party. Just to clarify the third party must know the statements spoken were false.

Also you should gather personal information about the third party, such as their name and address. Once this is done you are ready to proceed to the next step.

Next step should be to create a complaint. The complaint will include the grounds for the slander lawsuit. After you type up your complaint be sure to make several copies of your complaint.

Slander can be a tough thing to prove, so try and gather witnesses, to prove slander actually occurred. Once you do this hire a qualified attorney, their knowledge of slander laws is greater than yours.

Give the attorney your complaint, they will most likely make the necessary changes to it. Once this is done your attorney or you, most likely your attorney will file the slander lawsuit.

They will take it to the appropriate court who has jurisdiction over the slander lawsuit. You must pay the court fees, then the clerk will make a copy of your complaint and file it.

After the court has a copy of the complaint. You must then give the third party a copy of the filed complaint. The court may send the third party a copy or you may which ever you prefer.

Once they receive the copy they will then be informed it would be in their best interest to study up on slander laws, or hire an attorney who knows the slander laws.

The third party, once informed they have a certain amount of days to respond to the slander lawsuit. If they do not then you automatically win by a default judgment.

It may be in your best interest to settle outside of court if possible. It could save you vast amounts of time and money.

Hopefully you now have a better understanding of how to go about taking someone to court for slander. Best of luck in your proceedings no matter how you go about it.

Side Note: Today a lot of the slander that causes problems between people happens online. Therefore, just saying someone posted something is not good enough.

Take a screen shot of the post containing slander about you. You can also just use your phone to take a picture of the post on a computer screen.

Be sure that the picture and date of the post are clear enough to read. Hope this article on how you can take someone to court for slander has helped you.