Can you Take Someone to Court for Bullying

Can you take someone to court for bullying? Bullying is something that has been a part of the school system for generations; only now is it becoming something that society refuses to put up with any longer.

One of the ways the backlash is being seen is in bullying and cyber bullying civil suits, with victims pressing charges against the perpetrators, or against organizations who refused to step in and stop the problem.

If someone has been the victim of bullying or cyber bullying, and he or she wants to press on with a case then it’s important to do it by the numbers.

Step One: Find out the Laws

Bullying and cyber bullying laws can vary from one place to another. is a website that maintains a directory of laws for both bullying and cyber bullying across the United States.

Victims can research the laws in their areas to find out whether or not those laws are being broken.

Step Two: Collect Evidence

When someone is the victim of one of these crimes, it’s important to collect evidence.

Video recordings of confrontations are good, as are audio recordings or eye-witnesses willing to testify.

If someone is the victim of cyber bullying then screen shots, copies of emails or instant message conversations, and other types of evidence are all good for supporting your case.

Often there will be both online and offline incidents, which are important to record and make note of.

Step Three: Report it to Authorities

Seeking legal action against bullying. Before going to court, victims need to go to the authorities to try and have the incidents stopped.

If the incidents are school-related, then the first step is to go to the school administrators. If it’s work related, management needs to be contacted.

If the immediate supervisors of a situation don’t get things resolved, then it’s appropriate to go to the police and to file harassment claims, assuming the conduct that’s happening violates those laws. In many instances that’s where things stop.

Step Four: Contact an Attorney

So can you take someone to court for bullying. Bullying and cyber bullying are serious incidents, and if one is going to go to court over them then it’s important to bring the case to an attorney who specializes in such things.

An attorney will be able to look at the evidence an individual has collected, and at the steps he or she has taken to resolve the incident without a civil suit, and if the case is good will help that individual take the matter to court.

Unless someone is experienced in legal proceedings, and knows which documents to file for what causes, then it’s important to let a professional handle those details.

It greatly increases the chances of success.

Side note: If you are considering taking someone to court for bullying it is important that you do not attempt to bully said person. Threatening your bully does nothing to help your case.