Blower Motor for a 1992 Honda Accord

The blower motor for a 1992 Honda Accord like all cars has a big job to do for being such a small component in your car. Although the blower motor will typically last the lifespan of your Accord, it can be damaged as well.

Continued operation of the blower motor on its highest setting causes excess wear. When the blower motor starts to become an issue, you may notice a few things. It may only work on one setting or stop running for what seems like no apparent reason.

Your Accord’s blower may also start to squeal loudly when you turn it on. If you’re up for the task, below are some directions to remove and replace the blower motor for a 1992 Honda Accord yourself.

Tools: The first thing you need to before I start talking about removing the ac blower motor is gather up a few tools. You need a flat-head and Phillips screwdriver. You also need a socket wrench set or a good pair of pliers.

Open the passenger door and move the front seat back, into its farthest position. Open the glove box and remove everything inside of it. The heat blower motor is behind the glove box but you have to remove it first to access the blower motor.

On the upper, right side of the glove box door, you should see a little plastic arm connected to the door. Remove the Phillips screw holding the arm in place.

On the bottom lip of the glove box door, you should see a bolt on the left and right. Remove both bolts with your socket wrench or pliers. Carefully pull the door away from the dashboard and set it down.

The metal strip right in front of you now is the glove box frame. On the right and left side of it you should see 2 bolts. Remove all 4 of the bolts with your socket wrench. Keep all of your bolts and screws in a safe place, so they are not accidentally lost.

Locate your Accord’s blower motor behind the dashboard. You will have to kneel within the door opening and look just beneath the dashboard. The top of the ac blower motor is round.

On Accords with no air conditioning, you will see a heater duct held in place by 3 screws. Remove the screws and move the duct out of the way for a clear view of the car blower motor. Don’t do any thing yet. Just in case you do have air conditioning, let me quickly catch you up.

On air conditioned models of the Accord, with the glove box door remove, you’ll be starring at a big rectangular metal plate. To access the car blower motor remove the 2 bottom and 2 upper nuts holding the plate in place with your socket wrench.

Unplug the 5 connectors on the plate and then remove the plate from its position. Just beneath the dash you should see a plastic cover held in place by 2 screws. Remove the screws and pop the cover off and now you should be looking at the ac blower motor as well.

The ac blower motor has a wiring harness connected to it that powers it. Unplug the wiring harness by hand. The harness has a safety tab on it. If you can not press the tab down by hand, carefully use a flat-head screwdriver to push it down.

Remove the 3 bolts around the edge of the ac blower motor with your socket wrench. Support the blower motor with one hand so that it doesn’t drop down in your face.

Once the bolts are removed, lower the ac blower motor down from beneath the dashboard and that is it. To install a new ac blower motor for a 1992 Honda Accord, just reverse the removal directions.