Amazon Used Book Search

Doing an Amazon used book search is not that difficult because it works the same way as the regular Amazon book search.

Many people buy used versions of books because of their low prices compared to buying books brand new. Used books also give you a way to introduce yourself to new authors that you may be interested in but are not sure that you will like.

In the following article on, how to do an Amazon used book search I want to share some quick tips that can definitely help you find the book that you are looking for in Amazon’s huge book selection.

First, you should log onto the site and select the Amazon books option on the screen to the left. Once that screen loads you will be able to do an Amazon book search by typing in a title your looking for in the Amazon book search area.

When you do a book search, you will notice that all new books come up. This is fine because using this same option is how you do an Amazon used book search.

Now that the title you did your original book search on, is on the screen you’ll see 5 things to pay attention to.

There will be a picture of the book
The List Price:
The Price:
You Save:

Next, it will say something like 49 used & new from $13.99 or what ever the cost may be. This area is your used book search results.

Now you should go ahead and click on this area for the book you’re looking for. Upon following the link, you will find a list of books that are the title you were looking for but they are used and less than half the price of the original.

When doing an Amazon used book search the only thing you have to remember is the steps in this article. In addition, they are easier to find just by doing a regular book search for any title.

Typically, within a few days of a new book’s release, you can usually find a used copy of the book on Amazon. The only thing that you have to do to find them is perform a regular book search just as I detailed within this article.

Tip: Used books are priced according to the condition of the book. You will find that many of the used books on Amazon only cost a penny but that price does not include the shipping and handling price. Unless the book is being shipped from somewhere outside of the United States, the shipping cost is usually around $4.

Individual sellers or local book stores commonly sell used books on Amazon. Therefore, make sure that you read the sellers feedback from other customers that have purchased books from them.