Amazon Used Book Condition

The Amazon used book condition details are a set of guidelines that sellers must provide to buyers of their books.

These rules are in place to help prevent scams as well as to assure that when you buy a used book that it is in the condition that the seller stated. Some books may be in excellent condition however, some books may have stains or extensive wear.

In the information below about the Amazon used book condition guidelines, you will learn how to differentiate between a good used book and one that would be better suited for kindling.

While searching Amazon for used books you should pay close attention to a few things. Amazon’s used books are classified in 5 different ways.

Since your not buying them brand new don’t expect any of the used books to be in perfect condition. Buying old books is more like paying for the local library’s copy.

When you see any used books on Amazon with the word New by them, this means what it says. This particular used book may be brand new and never read or it may have been a gift that someone found no use for.

Upon searching Amazon for used books, you will also find the words Like New next to some of the used books. This will describe the used book as in near perfect condition with no page folds or highlighting.

This symbol next to any of the used books may just mean that there is slight damage to it. For instance, there may be a scratch on the cover, but the book should not have any creases on the spine of the book.

Very Good, when you see this next to any used books it will mean the book has been read before. Even though it has been read before, it is still considered in good condition as long as all of its pages are intact.

Any of Amazon’s used books that say *Good by them may be a better deal money wise but they also have a few drawbacks. These types of used books were definitely read before but are still clean looking.

In addition, the spine of the book may be a little worn and a few pages may have notes on them. These kinds of used books are not ones that you should completely steer away from but when you are budget conscious, knowing the details before you make a purchase can definitely help you.

Used books on Amazon that say Acceptable, I’m sure you understand what this means. These types of used books are great for students on a super tight budget. Although many of these types of used books may appear ragged, filled with notes and highlighting the information is usually still intact.
All used books are good for there purpose, rather it’s for reading or research. Sellers are not allowed to offer used books that are completely unacceptable for sale. Do a little digging and searching yourself, you’ll be surprised at the deals you find. Many of Amazon’s used books are just a penny.