2002 Ford Taurus Blower Motor Location

The 2002 Ford Taurus blower motor location. Unlike many older vehicles the majority of auto manufactures stopped mounting the automotive blower motor within the engine compartment of passenger cars like the 2002 Ford Taurus.

The automotive blower motor has a big job to do for such a small part.

When it’s in use, it circulates the heat that is given off by your car’s heater core and it does the same with the cold air produced by your Taurus’s cooling system.

Due to wear and tear associated with everyday use, overtime the automotive blower motor may stop working suddenly.

You may notice early signs of a problem with the automotive blower motor such as it stopping while in use.

Typically, right before the automotive blower motor fails it also starts to make a squealing or dragging sound.

The 2002 Ford Taurus blower motor location does not appear in the manual that came with the car but it is easy to find.

Open the front passenger door on your Taurus. Lift the handle below the front of the seat and push the seat back toward your backseat as far as it will go.

Kneel down within the door opening so that you can see beneath the dashboard. You should see a black, plastic, rectangular piece of trim that is held in place by screws.

Remove the screws and the trim. On the right side beneath your Taurus’s dash, you should see the automotive blower motor housing.

The automotive blower motor is held in the housing by a series of screws as well. It has a plug attached to it and the bottom of it is round.

If you plan to replace the automotive blower motor, be sure to hold it in place while you remove its screws.

If it drops, it could damage other things behind the dashboard.

Additionally, you should either remove the fuse for the automotive blower motor in the fuse panel or disconnect your Taurus’s negative battery cable from its post.

This will prevent any accidental electrical issues such as being shocked.

All automotive blower motors are not the same nor are they the same price everywhere.

Therefore, it would be wise to shop around to see what the price of a new automotive blower motor is, before you decide to spend any money.

All companies, even auto supply stores compete with each other claiming to have the lowest price.

You are already saving money by replacing the automotive blower motor in your Taurus yourself. It only makes sense to get the best price for the part as well.

With the proper tools, this repair should take no more than 30 minutes to complete. If the cage on the old automotive blower motor is not damaged, remove it and save it.

The blades on automotive blower motor cages become brittle and break sometimes during installation.